2020 has been a very tough year for all of us but especially for the frontline workers; doctors, paramedical staff and everyone fighting on the front with this disease. Scaryammi will be acknowledging the Covid-19 Hero Ammis who have served as frontline workers and contributed in a way to help fight this Pandemic. We have five Super Ammis with us who truly are Hero Ammis for us!

Covid-19 Hero Ammi #1: Dr. Sanam Khowaja

Sanam is a Cardiologist at NICVD (National Institute of CardioVascular Diseases). She is a  mother of two. She along with her team started Karachi Emergency Response Team(KERT) Initiative when the pandemic hit Pakistan in March 2020. This initiative was started to help the people who were affected by the complete lockdown. They collected donations from people around and distributed ration and necessary goods among the needy and deserving families who lost their jobs due to the lockdown.

Covid-19 Hero Ammi #2: Dr. Sana Zeekash

A graduate from King Edward Medical University and working as WMO at the Government Lady Aitchison Hospital Lahore and mother of 3 kids. Sana was in her last trimester when the pandemic hit Pakistan. She continued her duty as a frontline worker. She delivered on May 20th and only after a week developed Covid-19 symptoms. With two toddlers and a newborn Sana became oxygen dependent as her saturation dropped drastically. Amidst all the circumstances, Sana fought the virus and got back with her kids and joined her job.

Covid-19 Hero Ammi #3: Dr. Maryam Imran

An internal medicine resident at Services Hospital Lahore. Gave birth to her first baby girl on 3rd March,2020. The parents were excited for their first child but due to Covid-19 all the plans failed. Her husband who is a pediatrician was asked to do Covid ICU right after one week . He could not come to see them for almost 2 months. After which her maternity leaves ended. The parents are still doing their duties in Covid ICUs leaving their little one with her grandmother behind.

Covid-19 Hero Ammi #4: Runa Riaz

Runa Riaz is a true Covid-19 HERO! She is battling cancer and went through a mastectomy and chemotherapy while struggling under lockdown and Corona. Runa is and esthetician by profession and a mommy of two. She was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer in May 2020 while her husband was away in Dubai due to lockdown. Runa courageously battled cancer, looked after her kids, managed home all by herself. For her struggle and bravery she is the Scaryammi Covid-19 HERO!

Covid-19 Hero Ammi #5: Rafia Wajahat

Rafia might not be a frontline worker but has done something so brave that she deserves to be acknowledged. She is a housewife and works from home as a Guerilla CV and Online Training Consultant at ACA (Ashraf Chaudhry Associates). Rafia showing her true hero spirit volunteered for Covid-19 Vaccine Trials without letting her family know about it! 

Only her husband knew what she had in her mind. I was motivated to help humanity in any way possible. Despite knowing the consequences, Rafia didn’t hesitate in taking the chance and got herself vaccinated on 26th of November 2020. The after effects were not easy for her but she did this because she said this was her only chance to serve humanity as the world has already suffered alot due to the ongoing pandemic.

Covid-19 Hero Ammi #6: Dr. Hina Ghole

Our Last Hero Ammi is Dr. Hina Ghole, a mother to three boys, is a Family Physician at Sehat Kahani Telemedicine app. Sehat kahani provides free online consultation to the Pakistani population. She had been working with them as a Lead Monitoring and Evaluation officer, but when the pandemic hit Pakistan and countrywide lockdown was imposed, her work quadrupled. In the time of crisis, being a frontline worker and a responsible Pakistani, Hina did not step back and worked tirelessly day and night to recruit hundreds of doctors on the Telemedicine platform.

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