1. How are you feeling right now?

Shukkar Alhamdulillah, I feel almost back to my normal self. Still some weakness and fatigue but Grateful.

2. You know how and where you contracted the coronavirus?

I have no idea how I contracted the virus. I did go out twice during Ramazan for some chores but while following all the SOPs.

3. What symptoms did you experience at the beginning?

It started with weakness, body aches and high fever with no other symptoms.

4. How was the coronavirus testing and how long did it take until the result?

I got myself tested from the Chughtai lab. PCR was done on the third day of fever. I received the report after 48 hours and the result was positive.

5. How were the quarantine and the medical assistance organized?

I quarantined myself in a separate room.  I was cleaning and disinfecting it my self on a daily basis. I luckily had a washing machine installed in my bathroom so I washed my own clothes. My family was providing all meals in disposable containers outside my door and I was disposing of all my garbage bags directly outside the window for someone to pick up.

6. Did you receive some advice or any special medication?

For medical advice, I consulted my family friend who is a Doctor, Dr Khurram. I also consulted the pulmonologist at National Hospital Defense, Dr Syed Muhammad Hussain  Zaidi. I was advised a lot of warm fluids, gargles, steam and rest.

7. Were you tested regularly during the isolation?

No, I was not tested regularly.

8. Do you have any pre-existing diseases that could have affected COVID-19?

Fortunately, I did not have pre-existing underlying health issues

9. What did you do the whole time in self-isolation, how was your everyday life?

On the face of it, it surely affects you mentally, physically and emotionally. You need to keep yourself grounded.

10. Does COVID-19 feel different from a normal cough or flu? Have you felt any extraordinary pain?

It certainly felt different, body aches were a lot and I felt weak and fatigued with no sign of flu. Only experienced some throat irritation. I felt that it affects your central nervous system because I lost my sense of smell and felt disillusioned.

11. Did you fear death at any point? After all, you belong to the group of people, who are most at risk.

Mola Ali AS said that the angel of DEATH is guarding your LIFE so that it cannot be taken away before the time that has already been written for you. Also the only fact we know about our future life for sure is death so why to be afraid of it. Shukkar Alhamdulillah I was not.

But I did make the necessary preparations

12. What was the thing that helped you the most during that time?

The emotional and physical support and love of my family, they were constantly providing everything on my doorstep especially my MOM, who was at the high risk. The other thing that kept me grounded was my faith in Allah SWT. Though I am not a religious person and extremely fall short in all goodness

13. Can you move around freely again or did they impose any conditions?

Once my test came out negative I was at ease to move around freely, though the doctors told me that I am free to move around freely after the 15th day, from the day the symptoms showed up. But I was cautious.


14. When will your normal daily life start again?

Well, this is a tough question; we all have to find our new normal. It’s just that physically I am good to go shukkar Alhamdulillah.


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