Pregnancy is all about planning for your baby ahead of time.

babyAs months pass you know you will be holding your own little bundle of joy in no time. Almost all of the points in your to-do list are marked done and the wait just gets unbearable. But, there is a nagging thought you just can’t push back – will you be able to go through labour? Every mother around you has told you childbirth horror stories and you cannot help but wonder how yours is going to be.

What you should know – for starters – is that every woman is different, and every woman goes through labour differently. The stories you have heard are not necessarily bound to come true. So, relax a little and go through the list we have put together for you.


1. Put together a birth plan

It might not be so common around here, but believe it or not, putting together a birth plan can actually help you with the process. You just have to be mindful as to not put too much in it. Making it too long can be difficult for you to follow and it will all end up making you feel worse. Keep it as brief and natural as it can be. It can consist of the list of things you plan on doing in the following months of your pregnancy, what hospital you wish to give birth in, or the type of delivery you want to sort to.

2. Relaxation techniques

Lifesavers! These will be with you in every moment – breathing technique is the most helpful one. Either it is you hyperventilating due to those pregnancy hormones or you just can’t do with the contractions when the time has come. If you find the time, do resort to acupuncture therapy (hajama) too. It is one of the most well known and effective relaxation technique. Many pregnant women go for it and almost all of them have had nice experiences. Plus, it is sunnah too!

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3. Prepare your body

Even if all the ammis around you are forcing you to rest, resist a little (only if your doctor has not prescribed you otherwise). It can sure be tempting when you are carrying around this much weight, but try not to get lured into that comfy looking bed of yours. This rest will only be momentary. Your physical activity will be a great help when it’s time to deliver. But, be mindful as to not overexert. Consult your doctor and opt for an activity that is healthy. Oh, and find time for a relaxing massage too :’)

4. Prepare your mind

All that nervousness nagging your mind will go away only when you have mentally prepared yourself for labour. The best way to do it is visualise how everything will work out. You can find a lot of ammis around you that can help you by sharing their own experiences. You can also seek help from your doctor and prepare your mind. So, when the time actually comes you won’t be so clueless.


5. Don’t gain too much weight

Pregnancy hormones can cause too many cravings and you may give in to almost everyone. And let’s not even start about all the fattening desi ghee your mother or mother-in-law will be stuffing you with (it has many undeniable benefits, though). But, it is essential to remember that putting on weight can make labour difficult for you. Less fat – smooth labour.

6. Stay positive

Positivity is the key and most desi households are perfect for that. Joint family is beneficial in some cases, right? Keep believing that everything will work out well and it will. Let your mind rest.

Your health is most important and it is essential to not forget to take care of yourself. Stay prepared and hope everything falls in place.

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