LAHORE: Summers can be an expensive proposition for mothers of 2 or more kids who while continuing to pay school fees also have to pay summer camp charges for all kids. But summer camps are also a blessing since given the sweltering heat in Lahore, spending time out of doors is not an option. Lahore seems to be boasting a huge variety of summer camps this time around with options ranging from academic summer camps to those focussing on arts and crafts, with a few culinary summer camps also thrown into the mix.

Central Location + Economy

This will be the first time that Alpha School, a project of the City School, is hosting a summer camp on their premises. The selling points of the Alpha summer camp are the central location, fully air conditioned campus and it’s unique curriculum with an emphasis on pre schooler development. The campus sits on Gurumangat road, and is custom built for early years. This is probably the only school (at least from the ones we have visited) which has a sensory room, a role play room, a separate room dedicated to art and crafts, a yoga room and the cutest ever baby cooking studio. The school also has a state-of-the-art STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) lab where children as young as 4 years go to conduct experiments and make projects.
“Our summer school offers a wide range of activities which instil confidence and hone social skills in children while developing their creative and artistic expressions,” says Anum Sohail, School Head, Alpha.
Camp dates: 17th June till 12th July
Cost: Rs.8,000 per month, exclusively for Scaryammi members

Make Your Own Camp

IPC Aziz Avenue Campus located at canal bank is another great location and suits almost all mothers who reside in Model Town, Garden Town, Johar Town and even the Gulberg and Cantonment areas. This camp stands out from the rest because it’s run by professionals such as the Kids Chef component is managed by COTHM, a culinary school in Lahore while the robotics camp is run by Learn-A-Bots and brain gym is managed by Avantage Learning. At the NGS – IPC Camp, parents can choose 1 activity for Rs. 3000 or 2 activities for Rs. 6000 and so forth. The various activities include Tae Quan Dwo, ballet, swimming, remedial classes for Aitchison College and Convent, cooking and baking, robotics, hand writing, public speaking and creative writing.
“Our summer camp is set apart from all others because parents can pick and choose activities they wish to focus on and literally create the summer camp that meets their kids needs,” said Natasha Haq, principal of IPC – NGS.
Scaryammi discount applies to registrants of the NGS – IPC Summer Camp
Camp dates: 10th June Open House
11th June till 10th July: Camp

An unmatched facility

The Kingston College Summer Camp at only Rs. 5000 per child, offers great value for money. This summer camp stands out primarily because of it’s facilities. Spread out on acres of beautifully manicured lawns, Kingston College provides a state-of-the-art amphitheatre, international-standard tennis court, basketball court, cricket and football grounds along with an indoor swimming pool. Their summer camp is a perfect blend of vigorous physical activities and life skills that stimulate cognitive development, creativity and development of essential personality traits.The activities include cardio activities like gymnastics, swimming, yoga, horse riding and innovative arts and crafts, pottery making, public speaking, creative writing and storytelling plus outdoor sports. Quoting the Vice Principal, Mrs Naila Farrukh,

“I can assert with utmost conviction and confidence that our summer camp is probably the only one which is offering world class facilities like ours at such an affordable cost with unique activities being conducted by top notch faculty/coaches.”

Camp dates: July till August

So Much To Tell

Faiz Ghar has become a name synonymous with culture and activities for children. Centrally located in Model Town, the Faiz Ghar Summer Camp is specifically based on developing the creative expression of children. The camp has 4 basic classes, but Faiz Ghar is offering a whole range of classes from 10:00 am- 2:00 pm throughout the summer that your children can opt for. The 4 courses being included in the summer camp are Yoga and Aerobics, the Magic Of Communication, Arts and Crafts and Games and Storytelling. All the instructors are well versed in their areas such as Samer Hashmi who is taking the arts portion and Farzana Khalid who will be conducting the Yoga Workshop. The price for the entire summer camp is Rs. 9000 but you can pick and choose courses, making Faiz Ghar an extremely economical option.
Camp dates:
17th June till 11th July

Save The Planet

The WWF – Summer camp is unique because it’s focused on their mission of exploring innovative and practical solutions for saving the planet. This camp is specifically targeted toward grade 8 students and above, and is the most economical one with the charges being a mere Rs. 2000. The grade 8 and above program is titled as a “Summer Holiday Eco Internship” program.
Another option for younger children who are also interested in conservation is to join the summer camp for ages 7 till 12. This camp will be conducted at the Ali Institute of Education and will be focused on survival and communication skills, art and interactive learning and adventures with recycling. This camp is priced at a mere Rs. 5000
Camp dates: 10th June till 28th June

From Science till Arts and Technology

The summer camp based at LSAT, Lahore School Of Arts and Technology, has something for everyone. This camp has three separate programs. The youngest kids (3 till5 years) will be kept busy with Tiny Tales, Little Scientist, Arts and Crafts and possibly the most fun part, Fireless Cooking. The 6 till 9 year olds will be taking part in Martial Arts, English Speaking classes, grooming classes and more. The eldest group 9 till 13 years will be doing drawing and sketching, listening to tales of wisdom and improving their public speaking classes.This camp is based in Faisal Town, Lahore.
Charges: Rs. 8000 per child
Dates: 12th June till 31st July


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