Feeding the new born is a nurturing act as it allows the mothers to think beyond themselves and care for their new one. In early stages, mothers worry about breastfeeding that whether it can help their babies get proper nutrients or not. They always have millions of questions in their mind and inquire about the function of breastfeeding for the infant. Eventually, both the mother and the child get use to it once the mother start getting relaxed. Scaryammi has come up with a list of useful breastfeeding tips for helping you calm down all your worries. Let’s have a look on following tips to get ready for the process.

Start Anticipating the Desires of Your Baby

Babies give tell-tall signs about their hunger which means that crying is not the last sign you have to wait for feeding your baby. Keep turning your attention towards the baby to get the signs that he/she might be giving you. If your baby is opening and closing the mouth, sticking out tongue and sucking the nearby things then you have to offer your breast for food. It will keep the baby in a good mood as he/she does not have to make a lot of effort for getting your attention. The call to action moves will gradually create intimacy and relation between you and your baby.

Let the infant Decide Duration of Breastfeeding

Experts say that mothers should not set predetermined intervals for the baby to get feed.The baby is the one who knows the his/her needs, so let them determine when and for how long they need to be nursed. If the baby asks for milk after a few hours he had breastfeed, then you have to feed him/her again if you see the baby asking for it. similarly, awaking the sleeping baby is also not right as you must allow the baby to sleep and get the food once the baby gets up. Panicking for less time for fast eater or extra time for slow eater will only lead for long-term frustration, so calm down and give the nutrients to the baby in a natural way.

Stay Comfortable While Nursing the Baby

It is the mother’s responsibility is to hold  and keep the baby comfortable  in the right position to her breast while she feeds, but it does not mean that you have to be uncomfortable. You must be sit in supported position and avoid unsupported positions because any of the wrong position for prolonged time period can lead to backache, pain in shoulder and neck. squirming the baby from time to time can also increase irritation, so try abstaining from it and stay comfortable during the entire process. You must maintain single or two positions for feeding the baby such as lying or sitting in reclined position and placing couches on sides with the in fact is a better option.

Relax for a continuous Smooth Process

You must be careful about the environment as it must not be stressful creating discomfort for both you and the baby, so change the scenery, give yourself a pep talk and meditate before nursing the baby. Visualize the place that you think is perfect for the baby and then create it by putting extra effort. While you feed the baby, position their mouth with your nipple and child straight up the breast, but don’t try to force these positions. Give yourself enough time and energy so you can fulfill all your responsibility being the mother. Keep creating a strong bond and a joyful experience as they will help you face other challenges that come with motherhood.

Keep Searching for More Solution of Problems

Motherhood is a stage of life that brings a lot of problems and challenges as well. When the feeding period starts, It is possible that milk starts leaking from your breast, but you must not be alarmed as it is completely natural. It will lessen with time and eventually disappear as the baby gets the food on daily basis. You must learn taking care of your skin as well by moisturizing it or applying healing crème as it can become chapped and get dry. Scaryammi hopes that following all the tips will help you have a pleasant experience for starting the journey of breastfeeding the baby.


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