Breastfeeding Stories With Momina

1) How do you feel about breastfeeding?

I love it and is one of the best parts of motherhood for me. I find it soothing and amazing.

2) Any totkas you used to increase your milk supply?

No. Alhamdulillah I have had good supply naturally.

3) Is it common to have uneven milk supply?

Meaning one side producing more milk than the other? Yes, I experience that. Don’t know if it’s common.

4) What do I do if my baby doesn’t latch right away?
Most newborns have to be taught how to latch. You have to keep on trying various techniques to help them. Kellymom.com has some great ideas.

5) Is it normal to not have a menstrual cycle while breastfeeding?
Yes. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my 7-month-old and haven’t had a regular period since conceiving her. For my last baby, I hot my period when she was 10 months old and started eating solids properly.

6) Isn’t Breastfeeding Supposed to be Easy?
It is easy for some and hard for others. It is toughest during the newborn period when the baby is learning to latch and eat efficiently. The sore nipples along with c-section aftereffects made breastfeeding very hard for me for the first week. Alhamdulillah, it became a breeze after the baby turned one month old.

7) What Are Challenges for Working Mothers Who Breastfeed?
The biggest challenge must be random letdowns and leaks while you are at work. Also, some mothers have to pump during work to keep up their supply and provide milk for the caregiver to feed the baby while the mother is at work.

8) Have you cluster fed? How is it?
Yes. I have always fed on demand and cluster feeding is usually a demand. It is very hard to sit in one place for hours but now we have our phones for entertainment so the experience is not boring at least.

9) How do you manage the night shift?
I just trudge through it and tell myself that this constant waking up and being stuck to my boob all night won’t last forever. The benefits of breastmilk, in the long run, are tremendous and the baby will have less and shorter illnesses meaning less messed up sleep for me in the later years.

10) Any advice for soon to be mommies about breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding is the best sacrifice you can make for your baby. But not at the cost of your sanity and well being. If after trying your absolute best you and baby are still not able to breastfeed then don’t hesitate to give formula. Fed is best so don’t let anyone shame you into thinking that you any less of a mother because you are not breastfeeding.
But do try your absolute best to breastfeed for the full 2 years. The rewards are endless! Breastfed babies have short and mild illnesses because Allah makes mom’s milk medicine for them during the illness. Breastfed babies have excellent digestion and later on better eating habits than formula-fed ones. I speak from the experience of raising a completely formula-fed child as well as an exclusively breastfed child. My breastfed child is healthier and has better eating habits than my formula-fed child.

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