Breastfeeding Stories With Mehreen Shahrukh

1) How do you feel about breastfeeding?
Don’t even ask! At my time, there were no doctors to help me increase my feed or diagnose the problem due to which I had bad experiences with both my kids.

2) Any totkas you used to increase your milk supply?
Zeera, milk, yakhni, lots of water, massage, latching the baby again and again but no use!

3) Is it common to have uneven milk supply?
For me, one breast produced some milk at specific timings and the other almost no milk.

4) What do I do if my baby doesn’t latch right away?
My firstborn was like this. He didn’t latch at all. I used to struggle a lot to make him latch. Used nipple shapers to make latching easy. Kept squeezing the breast to have a continuous supply.

5) Is it normal to not have a menstrual cycle while breastfeeding?
Yes, it’s normal.

6) Isn’t Breastfeeding Supposed to be Easy?
Only if your child is cooperative😂 and you have a good supply. Doctors say just latch the baby and milk production will adjust according to the baby’s needs but in my case, nothing worked. I went to different doctors. No one had the answer to it because when they did an examination the supply wasn’t there to which they got surprised. Just the totkas which didn’t work for me at least.

7) What Are Challenges for Working Mothers Who Breastfeed?
Not a challenge at all. You can always pump your breastfeed in a feeder and feed them. You can fill the bottles and refrigerate them to be used when you are at work. Train your baby to take your feed from the nipple as well as the bottles. ( not applicable to all the babies but try)You just have to empty the breasts when they are full to produce more milk. May it be in a feeder or the baby ☺

8) Have you cluster fed? How is it?
Yup in the beginning when the babies have no routine and they just need milk even after 10 mins.

9) How do you manage the night shift?
Kamar tod night shifts. Some people, I know say that the baby comes and latches himself to me through the night and I keep sleeping 😯 Well I tried to do that but my baby latched in a specific kamar tod position. ♀ Plus due to insufficient milk supply, I had to switch to formula after 6 months of struggling mother feed.

10) Any advice for soon to be mommies about breastfeeding?

Now there is a doctor in Pakistan who deals with pre and post-pregnancy issues that include breastfeeding. Do consult her. You can have her number from Scaryammi team. All babies are different with different demands. Do not compare your baby and your feeding style to others. However, others will advise you a lot but just do what you know is best for your baby.🙂

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