Breastfeeding Stories With Gulnaz

mother and baby1) How do you feel about breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding brought that connection, built a strong bond with my daughter which nothing else would have done it. It is an awesome feeling and I believe,  breastfeeding is like a bridge that connects the mother and the child.

2) Any totkas you used to increase your milk supply?

I didn’t do any totkas to increase my milk supply. I remembered one thing that my mother told me was to always drink a glass of milk after feeding the baby. This helped me in feeding my child and Alhumdulilah, I never felt the need to prepare a top feed for her.

lady3) Is it common to have uneven milk supply?

Yes for sure it is. If the baby is fed from one breast, the other becomes dense and it becomes uneasy for the mother as well. So it is better to feed the baby from both breasts. I remember I got scars in my left breast and it would hurt when I would feed my baby from the right side. To even it, I got a breast pump which helped in making the supply smooth.

4) What do I do if my baby doesn’t latch right away?

I had no problem in feeding my baby initially, but yes I always took out the milk in bottles through a breast pump which was easier for me to feed her through bottles. Somehow, after three months, my daughter refused to take bottles and she would cry for hours and hours and not take the feed. My daughter wanted to be fed directly and the bottles just got wasted and were used to take out the extra feed which made my breasts dense.

mother and daughter5) Is it normal to not have a menstrual cycle?

I believe it depends from person to person. I had a very smooth cycle throughout breastfeeding.

6) Isn’t breastfeeding supposed to be easy?

Certainly, it is. It is one of the easiest ways to feed your child. In the beginning, it is a tough job because if not fed properly, you can get scars around your nipple and can be hurting. Consult a doctor and take advice on how to feed the baby.

7) What are the challenges for working mothers who breastfeed?

The only challenge I see is feeding the child on time and yes, if the mother has a good milk supply, her breasts can get sore and hurt the mother if the milk is not taken out on time. The best solution is to keep a breast pump and take out the milk supply in bottles and keep it at home and the nanny can feed the child when needed.

8) Have you cluster fed? how is it?

Yes, it happened in the beginning. My baby would just take feed for a few minutes and then would want it every other 15 minutes. I consulted the doctor and she told me that I was feeding the baby properly. It is normal to cluster feed the child because the child and the mother, both are learning and going through a process which wasn’t done before.

mother and daughter

9) How do you manage the night shift?

I always woke up and fed my child at night. Since I wasn’t a working mother at that time so I managed my sleep with my baby. I would take naps with my baby in the day time and at night, whenever she was hungry, I always fed her. So it wasn’t a tough job for me J

10) Any advice for soon to be mommies about breastfeeding?

One advice I would want to give is to definitely breastfeed your child because this is one connection you can have with your child which no one can experience. And it is one of the most beautiful feeling ever. If you are a working lady and will deliver the baby sometimes soon, get a breast pump and take out the milk supply in bottles. Instead of giving a top feed, it is better to give your milk and give it to the baby.

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