All the expecting Ammis must be exploring the internet for lovely onesies, first day look, baby announcement ideas, exercises to follow and how to deliver a healthy baby. Well! Apart from all this, there’s one thing you should be learning about. And do you know what it is? BREASTFEEDING! 

Yes! It is not an issue of a day or two or a week, it might take several days and weeks. It is a difficult thing to understand and practice. 

You will listen to stories about how “well-fed” kids were in the past and that how indirectly it is your fault and your diet affecting the baby’s feed and all. WELL!

That’s not the case. Not at all!

Today, we will be understanding breastfeeding and facts regarding it that all Ammis should know. 

  • Understanding Your Baby

Breastfeeding can be more like a talk, a chat between Mother and the Baby. When your little one, opens its mouth to suck the milk. The baby, instead of just feeding is saying to you “Feed me Mum!” “I am hungry” “I love you Mama!” and so much more. Feel it. Feel your baby’s gentle touch and snuggles. Stay calm. Confident and be patient.

Understand your baby’s signals. Don’t let him become a monster after an hour of crying. Of course! The baby tried to be nice and gave you a signal. If you start understanding baby’s hunger cues quickly, you will be overcoming the problem of breastfeeding within days. 

  • Voracious “Second” Night 

Baby’s first night at home and second in the new world could be rough. Full of cries and cranks. According to studies, most of the parents get worried about the baby feeding all night long, after being discharged from the hospital. It can be a tricky time. Baby wants more and Mom’s breast are soft, which might take time to adjust. But it is NORMAL! 

Baby is doing exactly what he/she should be doing. Instead of replacing the baby’s hunger with formula try to cope with it and adjust it rather than disturbing the natural process. If the diaper was wet or the baby pooped during the last 24 hours, wait it out and continue to feed him/her frequently. And soon you will have a more contented baby. Yay! 

  • The Nipple Pain 

The Nipple Pain is real. Yes! It will cause pain and sensitivity. But you can try different feeding positions so that the baby doesn’t always put pressure on one spot. Varying the positions can actually be helpful. Gel pads or nipple ointments can help you prevent rashes and dryness. 

  • Share it with your Partner 

You can tell him how difficult it is for you. Sharing or expressing yourself sometimes can help you overcome various hurdles and can actually make you feel fresh. Discussing things about motherhood with your husband can reduce stress and help you tackle various problems which you can face as a new Ammi. 

  • Discuss it with someone having a POSITIVE Breastfeeding experience 

Not everyone’s going to help you out or give positive and fresh vibes. So be prepared and AVOID negative people. Find someone who has a good experience in breastfeeding and share your thoughts with her. Listening to someone’s story and good experience with breastfeeding can actually boost your mood and spirit and make you passionate and determined towards understanding your baby and dealing his/her hunger cues with patience. 

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Don’t become oversensitive or too conscious about everything. 

Baby will cry, things will take time to settle down and the breastfeeding journey would be tricky. 

But you’ve to say it again and again:

My baby and I will figure out breastfeeding together.  My baby and I will figure out breastfeeding together.  My baby and I will figure out breastfeeding together.

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