Here is a mum who celebrated her twins birthday under quarantine and we just loved how she put up all the things together and made it look fantastic hence proved that big fancy parties, so many guests, long buffet tables and all those over the top factors in every big party are not a necessity to make any birthday a success.

Here’s how Sara Chohan did it:

Since the twin’s half birthday, I have been going crazy thinking about all the different ideas I can do on their 1st birthday. I had already sent out the invites and was busy preparing for the birthday, but then Corona happened and I could see all my tayriyaan going down the drain. I had already paid my photographer for the birthday shoot. One day out of the blue, my photographer (Aisha) texts me and asks if I want to do a quarantine themed birthday? I jumped on the idea because I thought what better way to remember their 1st birthday than this? Aisha really wanted to replicate a picture of a quarantine birthday that went viral a few days back.

She found the mom on Instagram to see where the backdrop was from but to her surprise the mom had actually made it herself. Aisha put on her thinking cap and was ready to buy all the tools when she saw that the backdrop/poster is being sold on Etsy by ittybitsdesigns. She instantly ordered it and it came in a few days. It was even better than what she had in mind. I ordered their cute onesies that say please wash your hands from Amazon.com.

When she came for the shoot, I was so surprised because everything was exactly the same or even more than what I had ever imagined. She arranged everything by herself for which I will be forever grateful .

Follow her on Instagram for DIY activities for babies/toddlers. Her page: https://www.instagram.com/mom.of.twin.boys19/tagged/

And the awesome photographer on insta : @explorewithaish
Poster made from: @ittybitsdesigns (USA)
Idea: @kylienajjar_

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  • sadia says:

    this is a super cool idea for moms who want to celebrate their child’s birthdays in this difficult time of Quarantine. I appreciate this effort because the mothers to come out of the depression of lockdown. this idea gives us the motivation that we can enjoy and make these precious moments memorable for us. thank you so much for sharing this experience.

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