Jannat Aseem talks about the fairs that occupy her mind as she navigates her first pregnancy during COVID-19.

Being pregnant can be a worrying time for any mother-to-be, even when everything is good, being pregnant during Coronavirus is extremely disturbing. I spent the first months of my pregnancy happier and less anxious than I’d ever been but then this terrifying disease took over the world. Every day I wake up, I find it very difficult to digest the daily dose of news about this fatal virus and look for answers to my questions.

‘How am I supposed to visit the hospital and get my ultrasound or how am I supposed to have my routine check-up’, ‘Is my baby doing fine?’, ‘Will it get passed onto my baby In case I am diagnosed with COVID-19?’. Due to the current situation, anxiety and terror keeps flashing intrusively through my head.

I always heard pregnant women have weak immune systems, hence they are at a higher risk for contracting many transmissible illnesses. I am used to asking questions and getting answers. I scoured the Internet and asked my friends and family about the risks of COVID-19 on pregnant women and their unborn babies. But with the coronavirus, there are very few answers to be found. However, we should always be positive. In order to make my immune system strong, I make sure I have all the required nutrients through my diet as well as supplements. Orange juice fresh berries, kiwi, tomatoes, nuts, fruit juices, milk coconut water are my MUST haves. Moreover, I’ve come across with a few precautions that I make sure I follow:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water, at least for 20 seconds
  • Spraying a mixture of Dettol and water thrice a day.
  • Sanitizing everything, I use i.e. Mobile phone, laptop etc.
  • I wear a mask every time I sit with my in-laws

I am 100 per cent sure people are following all these steps but even then a lot of people in my social circle got down with the virus which is just heart-breaking and makes me super low.

My husband and I always wanted to deliver the baby abroad for a better future but it won’t happen now. The pandemic has made even the simplest of baby preparations difficult. Do I order a crib online now while companies are still delivering? How will I do my baby’s clothing shopping? These things may seem trivial, but they’re heartbreaking for me.

Will life’s little pleasures still exist for my baby?


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