Autism is a developmental disorder in which children face problems interacting and communicating socially. They also show restricted and repetitive behaviours. The clear signs of autism can be seen by the parents by the time their child is two or three years old. These sings include impairment in speech and social skills which can be influenced by either genetics or environment. People with autism are exactly like us, just a little more special.

“If we are to look at autism through the neurodiversity paradigm; developmental process like this aren’t the inferior way of being, they are just different. They are part of human diversity, every human brain is different in one way or another.
Autistics are diverse, they exist in all genders, races and backgrounds. They have different needs and abilities and no two autistics are alike,“ said Hina Salman, a psychologist and a psychotherapist.

Our society lacks acceptance for any kind of mental disorder and autism is just one of those suffering the most. There are a number of myths and misconceptions attached to it which have been going on for years. While in school, autistic children have been asked to stay away from, various parents tell their children to stay away from such kids as they can harm them. People need to understand how autistic people possess the same feelings any other individual does, they are just not confident enough to be social and convey their thoughts to others. Once you get to know them, you come to know just how much of a beautiful soul they are, just how uniquely intelligent their mind is.

“People can be successful, talented and autistic at the same time. Ima Tistic is just another example of this. She is a writer known for her self-advocacy work and is involved in different autism acceptance projects. She was diagnosed with autism as a child and also parents an autistic son,” stated Hina.

Every one in 68 children is diagnosed with autism and if left untreated, no type of betterment can be seen in them. Play your part in spreading the awareness and ending the misconceptions attached to it. It is about time we stop spreading negative connotations attached to such people and extend our support to them so that they know they belong here.


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