With staying at home and all, there is little to no choice of the things we can do. Most of the people are turinng to online shopping. Even though it has already become an essential part of our lives since a long time, this lockdown has created a spike in the number of people shopping online. A lot of household are relying on online shopping for their groceries too, but people like me are taking this chance to avail amazing sale offers on various local and international brands.

During times like these, different questions arise in our minds and the only one I have concerning this situation is whether or not the packages we receive help spread the virus. According to the reports of WHO, parcels and mails have not been yet documented to be the cause of possible infection. As the virus is spread from an infected person’s droplet (from either nose or mouth) to those around him/her, there is little to no evidence that a package arriving at your door from such a distance could carry the virus. But there are evidences that it can survive on different solid surfaces for over hours or days at most.

WHO states that even if the package does come in contact with an infected person, the risk of the coronavirus spreading from it is low. Reports suggest that the virus particles that degree of contamination of such products lessens significantly in 24 hours and even more after 48 hours. Keeping this in mind, we usually get our parcels after this time period which in turn makes it less harmful for us. But still harmful, nonetheless, as it is known to stay on steel and plastic for up to three days.

The virus is very young, no one knows exactly what it is capable of as of yet. All the researches being done are just trying to understand how it will react next and what new surprises we will have to experience. So, it is better to safe than sorry and essential to disinfect anything that is delivered to you. Be mindful enough to not touch your face immediately after touching such surfaces and to use either surgical spirits or sanitisers with higher ethanol percentage. You should also regularly disinfect areas of your house that are more frequently used.


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