Sidra is one of the chefs behind Cooking101. She and her partner Ayesha have been running Cooking101 for last 5 years and over the years they have taught a lot of cooking and baking enthusiasts as well as professionals. She has always had this thing for entrepreneurship and she turned her passion into her business. Other than being a chef she is also a homemaker and a full-time ammi of a three-year-old boy. She wishes to incorporate modern pastry elements into Pakistani desserts and make the mark of Pakistani cuisine in the world.

1. How has your journey been as a cook until now?

It’s been great in fact it is oddly satisfying. Its is my passion and I always enjoy while cooking or baking.

2. Why does cooking interest you?

Well, I have always had that thing for cooking and from a very young age, I started creating recipes of my own. I always used to listen that cooking and specifically baking is therapeutic and I have actually felt that. I have been through some ups and downs in life and I always used to confine in cooking and there I discovered my never-ending love for cooking.

3. Are there any dishes you struggle with?

Yes, I do there are a lot of dishes that I used to struggle with and still struggle with sometimes especially bread! They always test my patience. But I believe if you are determined to do something then nothing can stop you.

4. Who taught you cooking?

I come from a foodie family I have always seen women of a family working together in the kitchen and learning recipes from elders. As far as desi dishes are concerned I have learned that by watching my mother and other than that I am mostly self-taught and last year got some training from Chocolate Academy.

5. Which do you enjoy making the most?

Desserts! My imagination runs wild when it comes to making desserts. I love incorporating and fusing modern pastry techniques with our desi desserts. Paan macarons, gulab jamun cheesecake trifle, kheer tart and sheer khurma panna cotta are few of my proud creations.

6. How do you respond when someone doesn’t like the dish you make?

I always respond with a smile and take criticism positively. I have learned one thing in all these years that we can’t please everyone.


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