There was pin-drop silence in the hall as Mahlaqa Shaukat ascended the stairs. Her pregnant belly was clearly visible. A hush went through the hall as women whispered to each other. Some were even bold enough to point at her protruding belly.

One woman whispered loudly:

“Is she insane? She is so so pregnant. What is she doing on stage?”

Mahlaqa Shaukat looked out at the sea of women standing in rows in front of the stage, smiled calmly and announced: “I’m pregnant and I’m doing this workout so you have no excuse for not doing so.”

The 700 women who had come to work-out, and were already moaning and groaning with the aches and pains that were creeping up, were stunned. A pregnant instructor was on stage and encouraging them on.

But Mahlaqa Shaukat is a modern pregnant woman who is here to debunk the myth that expecting women are not supposed to move off their beds.


She was also 4 months pregnant when Scaryammi and AimFit jointly organized Burpees For Breast Cancer. “I was expecting then too but I wasn’t showing that much so most women didn’t realize that,” she said. “And yes I was pregnant and doing burpees.”

This time around she was eight months pregnant and doing jumping jacks, lunges, squats and dance moves.

“The more active you stay in your pregnancy, the healthier you will be during your pregnancy and also during your labor and delivery,” she said.

To conclude, she is an inspiration to every pregnant woman out there who is thinking about starting to work out at one point or another. The more you are active, the healthier your baby will turn out to be.

So, stop procrastinating and move to take the first step towards fitness.

Hafsa Chughtai

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  • Memoona says:

    That’s mind blowing!!!!! I remember my pregnancy when I was told to take bed rest or else my MIL would curse me if something bad happens to his son’s baby.. and i was scared to death lol.. this should be viral on internet so everyone see this!!

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