Done with the first trimester? Congratulations! Things will probably get a little bit comfortable from now onwards.

Mother and Baby

By this time, the baby has developed all of its organs and it will only grow in size now. This growth is also the reason you will start to show a bump in this trimester (months 4,5 and 6 of pregnancy) and start to look more pregnant. The things will slow down for you a little bit as the initial excitement of your family will be a little less too. But hold your excitement right there! There are other problems you will start to face during this phase and they are not really satisfying (*facepalm*).

In these months you will start to feel more connected to your baby as it will start moving, kicking and also yawning and hiccuping (TOO CUTE!). You will also get to know your baby’s sex in the ultrasound scans which are done around the fifth month. The changes you feel in your body will be some prominent ones – apart from the baby bump obviously.

Changes in your body:

  • Weight gain – Obviously! When you get rid of that morning sickness, every kind of food around you will start to look more appetising. You will turn in to a monster (LOL) and will put on some weight. But be sure to not put on a lot of it as it can lead to problems in delivery.
  • Spider veins – your veins will start to become a little prominent as your blood flow increases to provide your baby will an adequate flow of blood. These will probably go away once you have delivered the baby.
  • Back pain – the baby is growing, you are putting on weight and it will put a strain on your back. So, you will be experiencing back pain every now and then. If you are having a lot of it and it becomes unbearable, make sure to communicate it to your doctor.
  • Sensitive gums – your hormones are often crazy during this time and a lot of blood is going to your gums which is making them tender. Make sure to not skip on caring for your teeth during this and also use a softer brush so experience minimum bleeding.
  • Swollen ankles – the double weight of you and your baby strikes again. Your feet and ankles are holding all of it and as a protective measure, the white blood cells gather around the area and in turn, it swells.

Baby sleeping

These are the most prominent problems you will be facing around this time of your pregnancy. And our desi mothers have the most amazing totaks for these months and they are often very effective. By interviewing other mothers I have concluded that a lot of people suggest is panjeeri. A lot of women have tried it and have seen its result.


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