A day in my life in lockdown

Keeping in mind how we are in such grave danger and how Pakistan is being effecting by this deadly virus every passing day is terrifying. The fact that we have to stay at home, not meet anyone, not go out anywhere and keep the kids in the house and keep them entertained as well is another level of frustration.

But then again there are always pros and cons to every situation.

However scary, horrible and downright miserable the situation regarding Covid-19 is right now let me show you the silver lining that is if there is any to it at all.

Here is a day in my life as an ammi of two, a wife of a very demanding husband, a bahu living in a joint family and a working woman with a stressful job.

A day with all this under covid-19 lockdown in Pakistan.

Ok so it’s always a struggle waking the kids up for school on regular days and then getting them ready for school. I thought in these isolation holidays I would let them sleep and sleep-in myself too but God bless their little torturous minds NOT one day did they sleep till late or let me sleep. Shockingly enough they keep waking up before time !! I even increased their bedtime so they would sleep late and wake up late as well but to no avail. So much for my happy sleeping.

They keep running around in their toy room and after their cute pet cat, I feel sorry for, as all their energy is focused on it now. While they are playing I get an hour before making their breakfast to have an online meeting. Video calling 8 people from work right in the morning is not my happy morning but a girl’s gotta work.  After sluggishly getting through the meeting, God knows how! I try to preserve in my mind the tasks given just long enough to implement them without dozing off again.

I head towards the kitchen after asking the kids a millionth time about what they want to eat and in the end just making them what I want them to eat: paratha anda ! hehe (mom brain).

After making through breakfast with my senses intact I realize the safai waali is not coming for another 20 days so I take my que and start off from my room with a jhaaru and initiate my OCD war with myself.

The nooks and corners and under the sofas, tables and everywhere!  Then the mopping which we all know as the taaki ! lol I made up a sterilizing brew myself with water, dettol, Listerine and phenyl. Don’t know if it worked but sure as hell smelled nice.

Then did a crackdown on the dust resting away on all surfaces, it’s amazing how there’s a new layer of dust every day. A Pakistan specialty I guess.

All this while internally hoping we could go out and meet my ammi and family and chill but this social distancing is so annoying. The frustration keeps rising as all day I have to run after the kids who only want to mess up the room, throw things, or don’t want to eat or want to eat junk only, or want to go outside and end up touching the gate or other surfaces, or want to poop after every 3 hours each, or want to just keep watching their tabs.

Amidst all this chaos I have to keep doing my office work, change my sheets, check if the cat is alive, shower  the kids, eat, sit with the family, get the kids to do their homework on Google classrooms(NOT EASY!) and cater to my husband who is very finicky about his food, his tea, his clothes, his kids ! lol everything.

And along with all this I keep getting calls from work on more tasks to be done.

The kids keep coming to me to play with them and to keep them entertained I have to come up with ideas that enhance their creativity like pot painting and picking up big leaves from outside and painting them or playing hopscotch outside.

I also want to encourage their book reading habit so we do bedtime stories every night. I also want them to be well behaved and courteous human beings so I make it a point that they say salam and respect their elders, basic courtesies like giving water and helping out should do the trick. Instilling in them all this data is the hard part but I have to be consistent.

So this is how the day goes by in my life in isolation but here’s the good part:

Sometimes I do get to sleep in an hour extra, I don’t have to get all dressed up for work, I get to spend more time with the kids, teaching them myself has made me realize how amazing a job teachers do and how important they are.

I love doing different activities with the kids and adore the looks on their faces when they do great. And best of all I have my husband at home all the time which was never the case before as he would go out with his friends every day. Now he spends the time with us and we plan different things to eat together daily and have fun with the kids collectively.

So let’s learn to cherish this time as much as we can being as careful as we can. And hope everything gets back to normal again. Maybe Allah has given us a reset button to get closer to each other and to value the smaller things in life which count as the best of times.

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