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As the schools close, parents are suddenly faced with the challenge of keeping their children occupied at home but you do not need to worry because Scaryammi and NIDO FortiGrow has got your back.

NIDO FortiGrow understands how hard it is for Ammis to be in social isolation. Taking care of the house, managing the routines of children and living under Corvid-19 is tough. This is why Nido Fortigrow collaborated with Scaryammi bringing you these exciting yet simple activities to do with your children.

Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Leaf stamping

All you need is:

  • Leaves from the backyard
  • Get 3 of your favorite color water paints
  • A chart paper
  • Paint brushes
  • Wipes to clean at the end


  • You need to gather leaves from your garden. Don’t break them, just gather the ones fallen off.
  • Spread out a white chart paper in the garden
  • Mix water with paints for smooth consistency
  • Dip the paint brush in the paint and spread it out on the leave
  • Stamp the leaves on the chart paper; to stamp press the leaf on the spread out sheet and then press down and remove the leaf
  • REPEAT with different colors!

Wasn’t this super easy? Try this one at home to keep your little ones occupied.

2. Wall egg frame

This one is our favorite and super fun to do. If you like having ommelettes, you’ll love it even more.


  • Empty yolks and white from 6 eggs
  • Don’t waste them, make an omelette!
  • Break the egg shelves in halve, try to have equal ones
  • Dry the egg shells and paste them on the canvas
  • Once the egg shells are firmly attached, paint them nicely.

And you’re done! Trust us, your little one will absolutely love carrying out this activity.

3. Egg throwing activity

Your child might have done this one before at a birthday or a playdate. This might get a little messy but don’t worry, it a very exciting.

  • Make a hole in eggs and take out the yolk and the egg whites
  • Fill in the eggs with paints
  • Now, paint the filled eggs
  • Take a white chart paper and paste it somewhere outdoor
  • Stand at a distance, and throw!

A very cool pattern can be made if you use different colors. Have fun mommy’s and kids.

4. Potato Stamping

Remember this? For sure you have done this with your cousins or friends back in your time. Happy potato stamping!

  • Cut potatoes in thick slices
  • Mix paints with water in a paper plate
  • Dip the potato slices in paint
  • Stamp the slices onto a paper
  • Make creative patterns with this
  • If you have vegetables and turnips, use them for different sizes. It’ll be more fun.

5. Pebble Cactus

Now this is something new to us as well. Let’s try this out


  • Gather pebbles from the garden. Wash and dry.
  • Paint the pebbles using 2-3 shades of green with a paint brush
  • Try making thorns on the pebbles using a fine tipped brush. Wait for them to dry.
  • Pack soil into small pots. You can paint the pot if you want.

Your pebble cacti are ready now! Place them in your garden.

We want you to make the best out of quarantine and be productive as much as you can. Good luck mommies!
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