Surprisingly enough, during this lockdown, I have got to take up on some of the activities I have been planning for since ages. Unlike before, I am working out regularly, I have proper meal times, I am caring for my skin and I have registered myself for three different online courses. All free! Isn’t that just great?

As I didn’t want to spend a lot of money at the moment, I specifically search for some free online courses and a lot of amazing websites popped up. The following platforms are internationally recognised and have a huge user base. And if you are up for spending some rupees, you will also be able to get proper certification.


Coursera is a platform that provides online courses also known as MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) which are accredited by international universities all over the world. All courses available on the website are taught by instructors from top-rated prestigious universities. There is a wide range of free courses consisting of video lectures, homework, exercises, a lot more. You can also discuss your problems with other people taking the course through the discussion forum. Free courses are exactly like the paid one, the only difference is that by paying, you earn a certification. This platform is one of the most liked MOOC providers.


EdX is a large platform providing people with access to online courses. The online courses available on the website are all university-level and caters students from all over the world. This organisation was originally established by the American universities MIT and Harvard, all of its faculty has their courses online and they are now taking other universities on board too.


Udemy is one of the most popular online course providers after it reached millions when established in May 2010. Within these ten years, the platform has now grown to almost 100,000 courses to offer its users. The courses are offered by respected instructors from all over the world. At this time, Udemy is not accredited to any university.

Alison Courses

Alison is a free online education platform that mostly focuses on workplace-based skills. The courses available on the website are provided by various popular universities. It offers various courses for specialization and full degrees as well. It is widely appreciated and used by people all over the world probably because of the reason all the courses available on this website are absolutely free.


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