They say: ‘Netflix and chill’, but they haven’t lived through an actual global lockdown. Even some introverts may want to step out of their houses this time around.

Let’s face it, it gets pretty depressing around the time you are confined in your house for about 2-3 weeks. You try to make things interesting by planning different indoor activities every day but let’s be honest, you are just spending most of your time laying around. Here is a list of things I have tried till now (apart from working from home and taking online classes obviously):

  1. Tried to pick up a book (failed miserably)
  2. Redecorating my room (left half of the things for the next day and never took upon them)
  3. Working out (this might be the only activity I can carry out every other day)

So, basically, every day is just a combination of laziness and some activities that don’t really stick. Apart from some of the TV shows I have started watching, I was looking around for some movies I could watch for a change. As things are pretty upsetting overall for everyone, rom-com or other comedy movies are the only ones I’m willing to watch at the moment.

Here is a list of the ones I have enjoyed the most till now:

1. Bridget Jones Diary/baby


This movie shows the story of a 30-something-year old single woman who doesn’t quite know where her life is headed. She writes in her diary the events she wishes to experience in her life: quit smoking, drink less, find a decent man. Basically, getting her life together is pretty much the moviesonly thing she wants. Surprisingly, her life takes an interesting twist when not one but two men try to woo her. She finds herself stuck in a dilemma she never thought would be her life.

I, personally, liked the second part (Bridget Jones’s Baby) better. I might be biased due to the fact I kept looking at Patrick Dempsey all throughout the movie. But you gotta admit, he does make the movie look 30x more interesting. So, if you’re the one to watch movies with a handsome cast, this one is for you.

2. Murder Mysterymovies

Murder Mystery pictures a couple from New York as they go on a vacation to Europe. This perfect combination of romantic comedy and mystery shows how their vacation turns from not-so-interesting to them being framed for the murder of an old billionaire. As the wife puts her mystery novel knowledge to use, the husband also follows lead by applying his experience as a cop.

If you are a Jennifer Aniston fan, you have got yourself a treat. Paired up with Adam Sandler, they are up for putting on a perfect show.

3. The Ugly Truth

moviesThe Ugly Truth is an American romantic comedy featuring Abby (Katherine Heigl) as a TV show producer. She is leading a boring life with little to nothing new to look forward to. When a new colleague comes in, she finds herself at odds with his chauvinistic personalities. Claiming himself to be a Love Guru he takes it upon himself to make Abby’s life a living hell.

4. Made of Honourmovies

Made of Honour portrays a tale of two best friends who are utterly inseparable. When Hannah tells Tom she has gotten engaged, everything takes an unexpected turn. A sudden realisation of Tom’s love for his best friend hits him and he takes it upon himself to not let her get married to the Irish Hunk.

Featuring two of the most handsome actors (Patrick Dempsey and Kevin McKidd), this movie is bound to make your time worth the while. Well, you might have also understood my love for Patrick Dempsey by reading this far but believe me, he stars in movies with some of the best plots!

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