The joy in helping others is a feeling which one can only experience when you become addicted to this phenomena. I say addicted, because the happiness and peace you achieve by helping others is indescribable.

I have always tried to help others. Whether it’s a simple gesture of just listening out to other’s problems or trying to help end a quarrel. Giving advice to someone or helping students relax during their CAIE.

Writing motivational statuses before sleeping to help release stress or posting a humorous status to make people smile. And most importantly helping students who could not afford their education, that started when a mother spotted me standing outside school and told her sister

” Yai khatoon meri beti ko parhai gee. Is sai kehna kai mayoos mat karay.”

And the journey started. I knew my students and fb followers loved and respected me. When I first posted for donations, my heartbeat went haywire. I was so scared that what if no one donated. Boy, was I wrong. I collected over 4lac in 24hrs. I was overwhelmed. I remember crying.

Over the past 5 years I have helped anyone I can. It isn’t an easy job because it involves a lot of stress. When someone messages you with so much expectation, you don’t want to break their heart. Then ensuring every single rupee is accounted for. At times I would spend the whole night just going over the calculations.

I realized that this is what life is all about. It’s about helping others. It’s about listening to their problems and finding a solution. It’s about not being rude to others and being accommodating. It’s about making others smile and relax. It’s about trying to ease their burden. Its basically about helping in any small way you can.

Alhamdolillah a million times for all the prayers I get when I help someone out. People say that is why my children are doing well in life. It is because when you help someone, Allah blesses you in ways you can’t imagine.

Next time you feel depressed or feel hollow, go and help someone out.


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