Ramadan is the time of the year when the Shaytaan is locked up and no one is stopping us from doing good but our own impulses. This month is all about growing spiritually and taking upon good habits is one of the major steps towards it. From regularly offering salah, reading Quran, offering Taraweeh to abstaining from any bad habit is the essence of Ramadan. It compels us to leave behind the haram we often indulge in and do our selves some good.

According to psychology, if a person continues to do an activity for 3-4 weeks, it turns into a habit. Which means when we continue to carry out these activities for the rest of the month, with just little more effort, we can go a long way with them. I, myself have picked up a habit or two in the past Ramadans.

I had a pretty tough routine which made me miss out on a couple of salah on a daily bases. I have gotten plenty of time to spend at my home these days which has enabled me to not only offer those complete salah but to regularly read the Quran as well. By resisting the temptations to do certain things while fasting, we are unconsciously training ourselves to take control of our impulses.

“Trying to cut down on the unhealthy stuff we usually consume after iftar. Managing my diet. Working out even in Ramadan. I think I’ll be able to make a habit out of these after this blessed month is over,” says Javeria Chughtai, a member of our Facebook group.

“I had a habit of eating loads of pakoras at once after iftar, now I have brought it down to eating just one samosa and a couple of pakoras. I’m trying to establish a control on my impulse to eat,” says Sumaiya Irfan.

Various other women I conversed within our group shared similar responses. I personally think determination has to a lot when it comes to doing good. We are blessed to have this month every year where we can make such things possible.


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