I might be stuck at home at the moment given the current COVID-19 situation but I like to turning things into a little something creative. So, for these extra days that I have been unexpectedly – and not so miraculously – granted with, I will be focusing on optimising my living space a little bit more. I have made a list of the DIYs I plan on trying and I have laid down some of the most simple and easy ones that you can try too. Plus, they can also be carried out indoors so no such threat of catching the virus.

  1. Storage Boxes

storage boxes

No matter how much storage we have, it always runs out one way or another in our desi households. For this purpose, the ideas I have searched up are pretty simple. All the supplies that you require can be easily found around you:

  1. A couple of cartons
  2. Rope
  3. White glue
  4. A couple of pillowcases

Start wrapping the rope around the box till it is completely covered, cut the pillowcase you have in half and use it as a cover inside the box. Your box is ready to be placed anywhere in the house to serve its purpose. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Other than this, you can experiment with fabric too to try a little something new.

2. Jar Canisters


We always have a jar or two lying around in our houses. Instead of letting them sit there to take up space, turn them into something that can be useful. This simple DIY requires you to paint the caps of those jars into a colour you like and stick some extra handles on top of them. Voila! You have the same jar but completely optimised and not hideous. Store coffee, sugar, tea or any other thing that you wish to.

3. Rope Ottomans


Perfect for sitting and occasionally putting your feet on top of them, ottomans are a great addition to your lounge. Take out a tyre that may have been stacked somewhere in the boot of your car and get your hands on a rope. Start tying that rope around the tyre all over to cover that circular space up and for a finished look, cover the tyre with the rope in circular motions. They provide a uniformed look and can also look good with other colours.

Pinterest is one of the most useful websites to visit when you are looking for some DIY tips. So, instead of letting this time go to waste, search up some good ideas and start flexing your creativity.

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