10 Defining Moments of 2020!

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2020 has been a very eventful year for the entire world. It has been a roller coaster ride mostly emotionally for all of us to survive this year without going crazy. Let’s have a look at the major events that took place this year and that actually has been the defining moments of 2020.

1. Australian Bushfire broke in the Australian forests killing over 500,000 animals.

2. Famous Basketball player Kobe Brynt died in a tragic helicopter crash with his daughter.

3. Price Harry and Meghan Markle left Royal family and got settled in Canada.

4. WHO declared Covid-19 outbreak as a Global Pandemic resulting in global lockdown.

5. Brexit: UK officially left the European Union.

6. In June, New Zealand declared itself Cornona Virus free after discharging the last confirm patient.

7. Black lives Matter protests broke out in the US after a Black American was brutally killed by some police officers.

8. Beirut Explosion

9. In august Russian President Putin announced that Russia has approved the world’s first COVID-19 Vaccine.

10. First successful phase III trials of a COVID-19 Vaccine were announced by drug companies Pfizer and BioNTech which is said to be 90% effective in the interim trials.

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